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Imagine a vacation where cool trade winds constantly blow, wild parrots fly among towering cacti and green iguanas bask in the sun along island roads. Imagine a lodge located only 15 minutes from major tourist attractions, but far enough away that you can relax quietly among the wonders of nature. That place is now on Bonaire.

Welcome to Auriga Ecolodge and Gecko Ecolodge

Staying at Auriga and Gecko Ecolodge is a unique Caribbean experience. You can stroll through the surrounding kunuku (countryside) and learn how the local people live. Take a short hike and watch the waves crash upon Bonaire's "wild side".

Internet access is possible and naturists are welcome. See some of the wildlife at the lodge on a beautiful video made by a guest.

After dark, the fun continues. Stare at the Milky Way from the "stargazer platform" on top of the lodge and witness a million stars. With a 360-degree view, you can also spot Bonaire's night creatures including owls, bats and nocturnal birds called nightjars.

Want to do more?

Hans also owns Outdoor Bonaire, an adventure company. He will be glad to take you kayaking through Lac Bay's stunning mangroves, spelunking through one of Bonaire's many caves or rapelling off coastal cliffs made from ancient, uplifted coral reefs.

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"Hans very graciously met us at the airport to drive us to our destination and needless to say, we were not disappointed. The Ecolodge was very private and quaint and we really enjoyed access to the full kitchen and grounds. The lodge has a rooftop deck which provides amazing stargazing opportunities at night and 360 degree views during the day. The best part of the staying at the Ecolodge was clearly the amount of wildlife you could hear, see, and experience..."  

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